Who Is World’s Richest Man? Shocking ;)

Who Is World’s Richest Man? Shocking 😉

Who Is World’s Richest Man?  Earlier  it was Microsoft founder Mr. Bill Gates.   But Shocking  news came that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has overtaken Gates position as world’s richest man. Again, share price went down. Bill Gates again climbed to #1 throwing Jeff Bezos back to #2. WOW

You will be shocked to know that the world’s richest man is not anyone of these – it is Russian president Vladimir Putin.  The difference of $182 billion between Putin and Gates wealth is Putin’s unofficial wealth.

According to sources  Bill Browder told that Putin’s net worth is $200 Billion. Whereas Bill Gates  net worth is $91 billionJeff Bezoz’s net worth is $85 billion.


Mr. Browder is completely sure about Putin’s wealth. He says that Putin was a shareholder in Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and other state-run Russian enterprises. He also says about Putin’s deal with some Russian businessmen in 1990’s.

Browder also says, “I estimate that (Putin) has accumulated $200 billion of ill-gotten gains. He keeps his money in the West and all of his money in the West is potentially exposed to asset freezes and confiscation.”

Also he states, “There are approximately 15’000 officials in Russia working for Putin who are given instructions to kill, torture, kidnap, extort money from people and seize their property.”

In conclusion he says, “According to Mr. Putin’s official asset form – a mandatory public disclosure for all Russian government officials – he earns $133,400 a year and has a modest apartment in Moscow.”

What do you think about this revelation? Let me know in the comment section below. Sharer this news with your friends and family and let whole world know about the unofficial assets of world’s great leaders. Of course who will not want to know about this prolapse of some richest person and up-gradation of new.

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