Best Interesting Way To Teach Your Child At Home

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Best Interesting Way To Teach Your Child At Home

Best Interesting Way To Teach Your Child At Home : Even if you are not homeschooling your child or having a private tutor after school, there is no way you can miss taking part in your child’s studies. Our education system demands involvement from parents, even if you are not one of those ambitious people wanting their kids to outscore everyone else in exams from a very young age.

An interesting and an effective way to do that is to ask your child, in the age group of 2 – 10, to become a teacher and teach you. First thing you should do is buy a whiteboard, marker pens, duster and everything that makes your child’s nursery look like a classroom. Most children, particularly girls, love mimicking their teachers perfectly. So, if they want to wear an outfit like their teacher, let them go ahead and do it. You can also turn his or her dolls into students. And, if you can ask more members from the family to join, it will be even more effective.

Once you create a classroom like setup, in every probability your child would want to play like a teacher. Even if that doesn’t happen, encourage she or he to do the same. Then when they start playing and repeat whatever they have learnt, do not interuppt.

You should become the student, without trying to correct your child. However, observe what they speak and if they haven’t understood a particular concept well, make a note of it in your mind. Later, after a day or so, you can teach them the same, without pointing out that they had forgotten it during their role play.

Best Interesting Way To Teach Your Child At Home

You can also throw in some questions and doubts now and then and see how well they manage. You can also say you don’t know certain things and let them write for you. Till certain age, children do not always like to sit and study. While that is important as well, making the whole learning process a fun thing, will help.

While toys always make kids get bored of them soon, such games are usually always enjoyed by most kids. However, do not force your child to play this game, in case he or she is not interested.

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