How to make an Easy Origami Butterfly.

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let learn How to make an Easy Origami Butterfly with all material required

The first thing you have to do is cut your paper into squares. I cut mine 5 x 5 inches, but you can make them bigger or smaller depending on how big you want your final masterpiece to be.

What You Will Need to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly.

  • Scissors
  • Origami paper color paper
  • Glue

       How To Make to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly.

Q1. Fold your paper in half to create a mountain fold, open out and fold in half again this time the opposite way.

2. Open out and fold along both diagonals making two more mountain folds.

3. Fold the center folds in and collapse in to make a triangle.

4. Fold the top layer of both corners up to meet in the center.

5. Flip it over and lift the bottom corner up. You want to fold it past the top edge so the tip of the triangle extends over the top. Flatten the center but not the edges of the crease.

6. Fold the tip of the triangle over and crease. If you’re using anything thicker than origami paper you may need to use a little glue to hold this flap down,

7. To finish fold the butterfly in half to help shape it. All you have to do now is find a place to display your origami butterfly and enjoy.

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