What Are Your Weaknesses Job Interview Question

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8What Are Your Weaknesses Job Interview Question

What Are Your Weaknesses Job Interview Question : What are your weaknesses? This is one question many of you dread the most when going for a job interview. While you know you have many weaknesses, you fear that talking about them in a job interview can be disastrous. However, this is something you cannot avoid. So, it is important to know why they ask you about your weaknesses.

When they ask you to share your weakness, they are looking at four things.

1. If you have crossed the thin line between confidence and conceit: Nobody is perfect. If you think you are, then it just shows that you are way too confident to be hired.

2. How you overcame your weakness: Your hiring manager wants to know if you are open to criticism and change. They want to check if you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you fail.

3. If your weakness is your character: For instance, if you have a bad temper, they cannot afford to have you in their team.

4. If you are giving a well-rehearsed fake answer: Many a times they are only testing your honesty by asking you about your weakness.

So, this is what you should do:

Talk about flaws not related to job 

You can talk about flaws that are in no way related to the requirements of your job.

Don’t sabotage yourself 

Being honest is good. But not at the cost of your job. For instance, you are applying for the job of a journalist and you say that you fear talking to people, you will surely be shown the exit.

Talk about what you are doing to strengthen you weakness 

An interview wants to know if you recognize your weakness and what you are or will do to improve upon them. For instance, if your weakness is not able to meet deadline, tell them what you are doing to get organised. Tell your weakness, but also share what you are doing to strengthen them.

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