Best Ways To Improve Your Brain Memory

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Best Ways To Improve Your Brain Memory

Best Ways To Improve Your Brain Memory : Whole-brained thinking is an essential part of learning. While most of you have a distinct style of functioning. It is important to be proficient at both left and right brain thinking for a better professional and personal growth. An easy way to activate the left side of your brain and improve your recall is by a simple exercise backed by science.

Clench your right fist for 45 seconds, open it for 15 seconds, and close it again for 45 seconds. Repeat the same with your left fist. This exercise activates the left side of the brain and puts you in a ‘challenge’ frame of mind first. Then activates the right side of the brain helping you recall better. It also helps you deal with anxiety and improve performance. This exercise is backed by various studies on left and right brain functioning.

Best Ways To Improve Your Brain Memory

One such study was led by Ruth Propper of Montclair State University in New Jersey. 50 right-handed college students, mainly women, were given a list of 36 words to remember and a small pink ball to clench. One group clenched the ball twice for 45 seconds, each with their right hands before memorizing the words, then did the same with their left hands before writing down as many words as they could recall.

Another group performed the same task but reversed the order of the fists they made. Two other groups used the same hand each time, one group using the left and the other the right. A final group didn’t clench the ball at all but held it gently in both hands each time.

The group that started with the right hand — and activated the left side of their brains , which helps encode memory, and then clenched their left hand, activating the right side of the brain during recall — performed the best on the memory test.

“The findings suggest that some simple body movements — by temporarily changing the way the brain functions — can improve memory,” said Propper. Participants recalled an average of 10 words if they clenched their right hand for encoding and left for recall. Which was four more than those who used the opposite clenching pattern. This simple exercise can go a long way in improving your memory thereby helping you achieve your goals.

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