Photographer Exposes The Not So Glamorous Side Of Photography

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Photographer Exposes The Not So Glamorous Side Of Photography

Photographer Exposes: Photography is something that is very creative and in the age of the internet where everyone is crazy about posting pictures and stuff, this works wonders.

Photography is not limited to a style or a specific skill set, and when you have so many social media platforms where you can show your creativity you know how vast variety of styles and things you might get to see. Every photo says a story, when it is not candid it narrates reality and when it is set up, it says a fictional story.

Everything in this world has a story and photography is one medium from which you can convey yours very conveniently without the explanation of words. Each one has a different perspective about a particular scenario and they depict it on a lens in a way which is completely distinct from others. Photographer Exposes This photographer has very beautifully created captured these awesome pictures but when you see the other side of it you will be surprised of the skills and be in the awe of the angles that made the picture look awesome.

The couple photoshoot

Photographer Exposes

There are many couple photoshoot that can be very cheesy to look at but then there is creativeness and emotions that add up to the pictures that make them look so real and perfect.

This picture is so perfect with all the edits and the camera angles.

This is so cute! – Photographer Exposes

Photographer Exposes

This is so adorable. This little girl posing for the camera looks so adorable and the overall edit has worked its magic on the picture and it looks much fancier than the ordinary. Doesn’t she look like a fairy?

The view vs the picture – Photographer Exposes

Photographer Exposes

Look at the difference that the camera angles make. This photographer has taken his photography game to another level and we are in awe of the results that he has been delivering.

I want this guy to do my shoot, seriously!

No one can do this better photoshoot in such cheap places.

Little creativity makes a lot of difference – Photographer Exposes

Photographer Exposes

This is such a unique creativity. With so little things this photographer has worked such wonders that I and you couldn’t even think of! This looks like they are in some movie but in reality, they are standing near a puddle and the photography tricks have worked so well.

The blending of the two images.

Photographer Exposes

The wedding shoot is where his interest lies and we are not getting over his creativity. The blending on the images has given the picture life. It is not just the normal wedding photoshoot! Photography is the most unique way to express creativity!

The perfect Instagram post

Photographer Exposes

This picture reminds us of the typical Instagram post that has the girl in the centre posing and there are perfect headspace and the side space to draw attention to the main object.

And this picture is a perfect example of how to take a picture to look awesome by some simple camera tricks and some editing!

A romantic location

Photographer Exposes

You don’t need to go to a romantic location to get the perfect typical romantic click! There are things in that can be used to your advantage to get better pictures. This is so refreshing to see!

This trick works every time

Photographer Exposes

The view is so mesmerizing that you might mistake it for a nice romantic location but actually, it is just the camera angle and some editing!

This is indeed a magical picture!

The hard work behind!

Photographer Exposes

The hard work behind the picture is so appreciable that you cannot just wait around to post it to your Instagram. At least the couple wouldn’t have hesitated to post it!

This is so pure

Photographer Exposes

This looks so heavenly. The photographer has shown the most beautiful relationship between a mother and her child and he has created such a heavenly picture out of it!

So much hard work for the mesmerizing picture.


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