The Best Indian Parathas To Give A Treat To Your Taste Bud

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The Best Indian Parathas To Give A Treat To Your Taste Bud

The relationship between Indian Parathas and Indians goes a long way. Let’s face it, despite our urge for healthy eating that steaming hot Indian Parathas with a scoop of white butter never fails to make our mouth very watery. So, we bring you distinctive ones that are delicious due to their unusual stuffing.

To make Indian Paratha, prepare dough using flour, sugar, water, salt, and oil. Cover and keep for half an hour then stuff the delicious variants to get finger licking delicacy. The process of making the base is same for everyone.

1. Chini Paratha(Indian Parathas)

Indian Parathas
Indian Parathas

Make small balls and stuff them with sugar. Then make round Indian Parathas and fry properly. Best enjoyed without any side dish.

2. Salami Paratha

Chop the chicken salami then add a pinch of red chilli and salt. Fry onion with crushed pepper and then add the salami. After cooked, put it in the dough and make Indian Parathas then serve hot.

3. Chocolate Paratha

Put some chocolate powder while making the dough. Then stuff chocolate chips inside the dough balls, make Indian Parathas and serve. Drizzle chocolate sauce before serving.

4. Papad Paratha

Roast papad and then crush it properly. Then fry chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chilies then put the crushed papad. Put the stuffing inside the dough and create parathas. Enjoy with curd.

5. Shrimp Paratha

Boil shrimp or prawns then finely chop them after adding pepper and salt. Fry them with onion and chili powder. Then stuff in the dough ball to get yummy parathas.

6. Gakhri Paratha

Make a roti then roll it with pepper, ajwain, and salt. Then cook it till it becomes a bit crunchy and then crush into small pieces. Mix with ghee and then stuff in dough rolls. Enjoy a unique paratha of all.

7. Cheese Paratha

This is the simplest and tastiest of all. Grate mozzarella cheese and make a small ball. Then place it inside the dough, make paratha, and enjoy.

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