Useful Ways For Whitening Your Teeth Naturally

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Useful Ways For Whitening Your Teeth Naturally

“A smile can be very inviting-having a whiter smile is engaging and exciting,”  Correctly said by Dentist Arthur Glosman.

Everyone wants to have whiter teeth and an even brighter smile. So much that we don’t even mind paying a huge amount of money to the dentists only to get our teeth shinier. But what if we told you the solution to whiter teeth is right there in your kitchen, or even in your refrigerator? You don’t believe us? No kidding, we know of various natural ways to brighten up your teeth. So, save your money and use it for something else by just following these methods which would improve your teeth naturally and leave them with a shinier white look that would make them appear as good as new.

Here is a list of things that you would need, follow these steps and you will just be good to go.

1 Orange Peel

Using this method is very simple, peel the orange, then use its white part of the peel and rub it all over your teeth. After you finish doing this, brush your teeth normally. Follow this on a daily basis. Watch the improvement, as it will definitely help your teeth get whiter.


2 Strawberries

Not only is this cute little fruit yummy but it also helps in removing the yellow plaque marks from your teeth.

3 Lemon

Lemon are acidic in nature, hence, they can wash away the layer of teeth coloration.

4 Margosa

Using Margosa leaf is another fantastic way of removing bad color.

5 An apple a day keeps the dentist away

Chewing apple is equivalent to brushing your teeth. So eat away!

6 Hydrogen Peroxide

Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Use it as a mouthwash to whiten your teeth naturally.

7 Salt

Salt has been proven to be very effective in removing yellow marks from your teeth. Simply mix it with some baking soda and rub it over your teeth gently.

8 Basil Leaves

Not only do basil leaves help in preventing advanced periodontal diseases like pyorrhea but it also removes yellow marks from teeth.

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