Cake Recipes for Party in New Year, Christmas


Cake Recipes for Party New Year Christmas

Are you making a plan to make a cake? so what are u waiting for?See our cake recipes to make an awesome cake and give the gift to your loved ones.These all are easy recipes for kids. Find Cake Recipes Here:

Cake Recipes

  1. Chocolate Cake

Cake Recipes

The Chocolate Cake recipe is made with Cocoa & Chocolate, All the ingredients put into the bowl and mix together then mixed ingredients put into the cake Tin & put into an oven until it is cooked properly.

The Cake is taken out from the oven and leave for cooling for few minutes if you want to ice the cake by spreading thick ice on it.Chocolate cake is sold in cake shops as well as made at home.  

Different countries have different recipes for chocolate cakes.Every Country has their own chocolate Cake Recipes. the chocolate cake recipe  

2.Pineapple cake

Cake Recipes

Pineapple Cake is sweet dessert  Containing egg, flour, sugar with pineapple jam.Very easy cake with cheese cream frosting.

perfect for these summers.So light & fluffy.You loved this delicious whipped cream topping, I can say that it is a perfect choice for parties and when a friend comes over.

I was looking pineapple cake recipe for a long time when I made a recipe I am surprised that it is so fluffy & light & not too much sweet. Very smoothie recipes in nature.

  3. Birthday Cake


A Birthday wouldn’t be complete without a perfect birthday cake, From Chocolate Cake to Vanilla to adorable creations.

we all are making a cake with the baking process.The cake is a form of Sweet Dessert.In old times cakes were the modification of bread but now cakes cover a wide preparation.Cake Recipes for Party|New Year |Christmas

Cake Recipes

    4. Black Forest Cake

cake Recipes

Black Forest Cake consist several layers of chocolate sponge cake mix with cream frosting and cherish topping.

Whipped cream and maraschino cherries decorated with. Black Forest cake is the German dessert.

Black Forest cake is the German dess


To give little more moisture & extra flavor, the bottom layer of sponge cake is brushed with cherry schnapps.

It’s mostly liking cake.In all the cake recipes this is I personally like it most.

It’s really quick & easy recipes.

Delicious cakes ” Enjoy it”

   5. Fruit Cake

cake recipes

It is made up of fresh fruits and dried fruits, nuts, spices.

Fruit is the main ingredient.Cakes are mostly served in wedding and Christmas, consumed with butter and cream.

This cake is consumed with butter and cream.In fruit cake, we can add some eggs, spices, honey.fruit cake is German sweet dessert.

Fruit cake is consumed with butter and cream.In fruit cake, we can add some eggs, spices, honey.

This Cake Recipe is German sweet dessert.

Fruit is liked by the kids, so this is Recipes for kids.

   6.Banana Cake

cake Recipes

Banana is a primary ingredient for banana Cake Recipes.With banana, we make it muffins, cup cakes, and layer cake.

Banana cake Recipes is very easy to make and very versatile as well.

With the same ingredients, we can make muffin and cup cake.

We can add flour, baking soda, baking powder, banana, sugar, vanilla essence, egg, and butter.

We can make these cake recipes with sugar-free like other Diabetic Recipes.

 7. CheeseCake

In the thickest main layer, we can add sugar & fresh fruit with fresh creams like ricotta and eggs.If you want some crust in base than you can add crushed biscuity graham crackers.

Cheese cake is prepared in various flavors like strawberry, pumpkin, chocolate oreo, chestnut or toffee.cheese cake is very smooth and soft in nature.These all Cake Recipes is referring by Cookbook recipes.


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