Best Laptop Deals for Buying a New Laptop

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Best Laptop Deals for Buying a New Laptop, like all other devices in our homes,

have specific life spans after which they need to be upgraded with new ones

Buying a New Laptop?Best laptop deals is Here is the List of Things to Consider: While there are used and refurbished laptops available on classified sites. It is rather better to purchase a new one as it will likely come up with the following.

  • Latest Hardware: more hard disk space, better graphics card, faster processor and so on.
  • Latest operating system and up-to-date list of software.
  • Warranty and guarantees, in case you damage your laptop.
  • Peace of mind!

Technologies become obsolete quite fast and so even the best of upgrading may not be enough, and it might just be the matter of time that you would need to buy a new laptop for your needs.

Here are few important points that should be carefully considered while buying a laptop.

1. Go For Branded New Laptop if You’re a Novice User for 2018

The market could offer quite a few assembled and unbranded laptops and if you are a geek or an expert user it makes sense to go for either branded or unbranded ones, Best laptop deals  whatever suits your needs most! but if you are an inexperienced user you will be better off buying a branded laptop.

This is because the branded laptops always come with better “guarantee and warranty” terms and conditions.

Best laptop deals  ,you are a novice user you might end up having the tough time to service and to repair your unbranded laptops as there might not be qualified service centers in the market.

2. End-Use Purpose is Very Important

Buying a Laptop? Here is the List of Things to Consider: The main purpose for which the laptops are being bought should always be kept in mind. If you are planning to do some basic tasks such as checking emails, browsing the internet or using Microsoft office, a simple laptop with ordinary configurations would be enough.

3. Never Compromise On Features And Configurations

As mentioned above,Best laptop deals technology is never static and it keeps on changing rapidly. According to PEW research center, the laptop ownership has grown from 30% to more than 52% since 2006, making desktops obsolete gradually.




4. Choosing Between SSD and HDD Disks

Buying a Laptop? Here is the List of Things to Consider: Selecting the right hard drive is crucial to the overall performance of your system. Best laptop deals  In order to make it easy for you to select which sort of hard drive suits your needs most, we have devised a comparison chart that can help you decide between SSD and HDD disks.

HDD prices are considerably reduced over the time.  It makes more sense to buy HDD based laptop only if you are low on budget.

You are a gamer or use resource hungry apps on your system, you might be better off with SSD disks.

5. Choose The Right Numbers Of Cores for New Laptop

Buying a New Laptop? Here is the List of Things to Consider: It is quite common to come across terms like single core, dual core and quad core. These are nothing but the processors as far as the laptop is concerned. The more numbers of cores a laptop has the faster the laptop will work.Best laptop deals

It will also enable the user to work on multiple applications without the speed and efficiency being compromised. One should also keep in mind that when there is the number of cores in use, the laptops tend to get hot faster.

Instead of being stumped, check out our comparison chart between 3 major CPU types and decide which suits your needs the most.


Cores Hyper Thread Cache Clock Range Max Turbo
Core i3 2 Yes 3 to 4 MB 2.9 to 3.8 GHZ N/A
Core i5 4 No 6 MB 1.9 to 3.5 GHZ 1 GHz
Core i7 4 Yes 8 MB 2.2 to 4 GHZ 1.2 GHz

The aforementioned chart pretty much gives you a surface level understanding.

how these processors are categorized or what their capabilities are, however.

there are cases where a specific version of an i5 processor will be as much power as an i7 processor.

For instance, Core i5-3230M processor is almost as much power as Core i7-4510U .Best laptop deals

Therefore when making a decision on what to buy, don’t just automatically assume if a processor is labeled i7 it must be very fast compared to an i5 processor, always checkout benchmarking and CPU performance on Cpubenchmark to make a wise decision.


6. Which RAM to Choose

This is a tricky question and for that reason we have devised series of points that shall give you a clarity on types of RAM and which one suits your needs the most, use this information to your benefit.

  • How many types of memories? 
  • Which Frequency?
  • Timing 
  • 32 Bit vs 64 Bit 
  • How much memory do I need? 
  • What do I need to know about pricing? 

7. Operating Systems :Best laptop deals 

New Laptop Choosing the right operating system is important. Though Windows 8 and Windows 7 are the most commonly used operating systems, Windows 10 is also here now.

Hence, you should be sure that your laptop will be able to support enhanced versions of operating systems as and when required. If you are building a high spec laptop, go with 64-Bit operating systems.


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